• Our Songs

    We have finished our project. Now you can listen the songs and see some videos. Thank you! Read More
  • Eurovox

    Because of their socio-economic origin, youth (9-14 years) in our schools does not always have the opportunity to travel. However, this is necessary to develop a better understanding of our European realities. Through collaboration with our multicultural & musical partner countries, we give them another chance to be part of an open Europe. Read More
  • Eurovox Musica

    Musical practice gives flavor to the effort and meaning to a regular discipline. The music is a great way to meet, make friends, share emotions & feelings. It is also a key element of inheritance. In this sense, it brings generations. It brings together the energies and unites people. Read More
  • The Project

    Through meetings, regular exchanges by mail and video conferencing, 5 partner countries prepare and offer 4 series of concerts choir / orchestra over two years. Partner countries choose directories, prepare students in language classes and music. Read More
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Practicing for Saalfeld

In the following link you can access to the recordings and scores to practice with your students the songs for May 2014 in Clermont-Ferrand.

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  • Objectives
  • Culture
  • Meetings


Gather a large chorus of each of the member cities accompanied by the orchestra. 

Language Skills

Improving communication in the mother tongue, pushing it into other languages.



Deepen the knowledge of new technologies exchanging experiencies with other people.


Musical training

Musical training and awareness instruments, orchestra, voice.


Citizenship education

Teaching students a sense of cooperation and solidarity as well as the active participation in a large-scale project.


Fight against dropping

Strengthening links between all students, including those with difficulties, through music and talent development.

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